Couple of css issues with Ultimate Color Schemes, Custom Admin Bar and small screens

Hello. We are trying to use UB on a single site and found a couple of issues:

1. Ultimate Color Schemes: The custom-color-scheme.php starts with

@import url("<?php echo admin_url('css/colors.css'); ?>");

which results in the plugin looking for the wp-admin/css/colors.css file which is nowhere to be found.

2. Custom Admin Bar: There seems to be something missing (or left behind) at the very end of


#wpadminbar li[id^="wp-admin-bar-ub_admin_bar_"] .dashicons{
margin: 0;
#wpadminbar li[id^="wp-admin-bar-ub_admin_bar_"]

as also pointed here.

This results in a completely messed up cached site :slight_frown:

And finally,

3. Small Screens: Enabled the Custom Admin Bar and created a New Parent Menu (Useful) with a couple external links and gave it the “carrot” dashicon. Everything looks fine on larger screens but things get weird on smaller mobile ones (and even if you just resize your desktop browser window). The background color does NOT extend to the full screen as it should but seems to extent to ONLY the width of the dashicon.

No fancy theme is activated (just the Twenty Fifteen) as well as no other css is present. Now I don’t know what causes this result but it sure looks bad.

Please have a look at the images.

BIG screens:

smaller screens: