Couple of (hopefully) quick questions re setting up CoursePress


I've just purchased and installed CoursePress and most of it is pretty straightforward (thank-you!) but I've run into a couple of problems which I can't figure out.

1. How do you get rid of the "Archives" heading at the top of the main course page? I'd rather it didn't look like a blog page

2. The Course Excerpt isn't showing up apart from about 4 words. Where do I need to go to increase the amount of text that the Excerpt shows.

3. The Course Image Thumbnail is blowing up to over 1000 px which doesn't look too good. I've set the sizes in the settings but that doesn't seem to have done the trick.

Any help you can give me would be very gratefully received. Thank you


PS. I'm building this for a client and don't want to over complicate things by using the shortcodes to build pages for the Courses so need a fix that uses the CoursePress menu.

  • Atkotech

    1. The Archives link shows in the default menu. In order to remove it you may create your own menu & include your own links. Create your menu on the usual Appearance > Menus in wp-admin. Once created click on Edit Locations in Appearance > Menus & locate your newly created menu & save it in the theme's menu location. Now you should have your own links without the Archives link.

    2. When you create a course there is a section for the excerpt on the first page after you have created your Course Name. The length of excerpt should depend on how much you have typed in there. Obviously you don't want it too long so you don't want to write an essay there but you can include a couple of sentences or so & it should show in your theme without the need for any changes to the length.

    3. Could your wordpress settings for all media images be overriding your Coursepress Settings? You can check those sizes in Settings > Media.

    Hope some of this helps, any problems let us know.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Heli, hope you're doing well this evening! :slight_smile:

    #1: You're talking about the "Archive" text that shows up on the upper left of the page, right?

    If so, then this CSS code will remove that:

    .post-type-archive-course div#content > h2.archive-title {
        display: none;

    This can be inserted into a plugin like Simple Custom CSS:

    #2: There's a quick way to increase the size of that excerpt, but I should note that we'll need to adjust the plugin code, we'd need to tweak a line of code in this file:


    That being line 23:

    echo do_shortcode( '[course_summary length="50"]' );

    Change the 50 there to your desired length (think of it as a character limit, rather than a word limit).

    With this method, the changes will need to reapplied on each update to the plugin, so you'd want to note them for later.

    The alternative would be to create a custom archive-courses.php template, this would require some extra coding work though.

    #3: This can be addressed with this CSS code:

    .post-type-archive-course .course-thumbnail.course-featured-media > img {
        width: initial;

    Let me know if this helps please! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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