Couple Of Issues

~ Using latest WordPress on a multi-site setup with the most recent versions of these plugins. I'm using the Network theme ~

A) This plugin (Recent Posts Widget) does not seem to work with sites that were created before the widget was installed.

For instance:

1.) I create '' as an add-on sub to my MU setup.
2.) I install this widget.
3.) Now I make a test post on '' - it doesn't appear in this widget. Keep trying and still no joy.


If I create a new site AFTER installing this widget, it does appear. There doesn't seem to be a way to get the original sub-domain site indexed by this widget.


B) I had the 'Recent Posts' plugin installed and was receiving a fatal error when trying to install this plugin. (Error similar to that shown in 'D' section of this post)


C) After installing this plugin I am getting a fatal error when trying to re-activate the recent global posts feed.

Warning: require_once(../wp-load.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/XXXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/recent-global-posts-feed/recent-global-posts-feed.php on line 28

D) When trying to reactive 'Recent Posts Feed Widget' I am getting a different error. This is similar to the error I received when initially trying to install the plugin this forum is dedicated to.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class widget_recent_global_posts_feed in /home/XXXXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/recent-global-posts-feed/widget-recent-global-posts-feed.php on line 149

It would seem that these plugin's don't jive well with each other - or something. I didn't notice any problems until I installed this plugin, for whatever that is worth.

  • NetPotion


    A) Yes, I did have the post indexer installed previous to this.

    B, C & D - Now I'm really confused since these all seem to do something different. I didn't notice anything indicating I only needed the one on the website. I'm not clear why they are all available for download if only one is to be used.

    I'll go back and look at them all again. No one plugin appeared to cover everything so I must be having problems with that plugin.

    Thanks for your response!

    ~ Corey

  • Mason

    Hiya Corey,

    The various plugins do slightly different things. It's unlikely you'd need all of them, but they shouldn't have any difficulties if you load them all on the same site.

    The Recent Global Posts Feed plugin requires a unique installation procedure as outlined here:

    Please place the file in your wp-content folder. That should take care of the errors for you.

    Additionally, these products do have to be in place before posts are written. They create a global table that maps to all posts on the site - but they can only map posts created after they are installed. Post Indexer is almost always the FIRST plugin I install on a new site for that reason.

    Hope this helps! If you need anything further, feel free to re-open and let us know.

  • NetPotion

    Hi Mason,

    Unfortunately I did do everything you've listed here, the files are in their correct locations - but there will still be errors when I try to activate. The post indexer was installed prior to any of this happening.

    The one domain still doesn't get picked up, new posts or not. Only newly added domains do. I followed the directions to the letter. Now I'm kind of wondering if there isn't some conflict with this theme (Network), being as how it automatically picks up posts on the front page. (?)

    It's not a big deal really. I did see someone else having a similar experience so I suspect this one might rear its ugly head again.

    P.S. - This is the second install (on different domains) where I've had the exact same problem. It shouldn't be hard to replicate. Otherwise I can set you up with access to mine install so you can see what's going on - should you want.

    Thanks for the response anyway =)

    ~ Corey

  • Mason

    Hiya Corey,

    I'm sorry it's still not working for ya. I'd like to be able to see your setup in it's entirety and hopefully narrow down the conflict here. Please send me some super admin credentials for your WordPress install via our contact form here:

    Just mark it to my attention in the subject and include a link to this thread so I know what it's regarding. If you can also provide which blog's posts are not being added that would be great. I'll have one of the developers take a look with me on it and see what we can find.


  • Mason


    The changes you made to the mu-plugin's file didn't result in the other sites on the network appearing within the sidebar widget, unfortunately.

    I'm not quite sure what you're looking for here. The changes I made to the plugin were so that the 'Recent Global Posts Feed' Widget would be available on any site (not just the main site). That's the change I made and I've verified that if you go to widgets on a sub-site, you will see the new widget available.

    Is that not what you were looking for? Other network sites won't appear in the sidebar, just the widgets can be added for the global posts and global posts feed. I've activated both widgets on the sub-site 'sitenews' for you to verify that they exist and are working.


  • NetPotion

    Sorry for the confusion Mason

    I was hoping to have a widget available in the sidebar to show a current network wide feed without having to click on a RSS link. Now that I look at the Recent Posts widget, I notice that it says it provides a feed for the 'Front Page'.

    This explains the confusion on my part. I was under the impression this could be used on any page. Sad thing is, I had it working like that - but with errors when trying to run the other plugins.

    Perhaps this widget could be made independent somehow so that it could be used in non-homepage sidebars? That is, of course, a feature request. I guess that's how I should have gone about this - and would have if I had noticed there err of my ways in the first place.

    Thanks again. I understand it all now.

    ~ Corey

  • Mason

    Ahhhh... Corey, that does make a difference. Thanks :slight_smile:

    Ok, so I went to that page, changed the page template to 'default' rather than blognews and then added the globalrecentposts shortcode. You can see the results.

    Probably what you more want is for them to appear as actual posts on the site? If so, you'll want to use autoblog in conjunction with the recent global posts feed plugin. Just enter that feed into the settings of autoblog and it'll pull all the posts across the network into your main blog feed.

    The only issues I can see with that method are:
    1. You're using the network theme which already provides all of this, by default, on the home page. So having a secondary page which does the same thing isn't perhaps all that helpful.
    2. You may have an issue where when you publish a post on your own blog it will be duplicated by autoblog as it'll be in that feed.

    At any rate, I think we're now closer to being on the same page, so that's a good start :slight_smile:


  • NetPotion

    Yes, that is much closer to what I wanted, thank you.

    Probably what you more want is for them to appear as actual posts on the site?

    Exactly! =)

    I'm kind of hoping to create a buddypress looking feed for a sub-page, and use the front page of the Network theme to highlight memberships, news, tutorials etc. - so having the network wide feed on another page will be helpful.

    I will look at the autoblog plugin. I haven't gotten to that one yet. You have so many here that it takes a while to get to them all.

    Thanks again Mason - you're a saint.!

    ~ Corey