Couple of problems with the plugin.

While developing this site, i've came across a few problems with a couple of them being major causing the plugin to be unusable at the moment.
In order of importance
1. Jobs virtual pages are all getting 404 error's

2. The experts virtual pages change themselves to be the same as whatever the latest page save was.

3. i activated the "jobs and experts pages" to create actual Wordpress pages but they didn't work out since the pages don't look nearly as good as the posts since they are using the themes pages. - problem for the future.

4. Add an expert page, some of the text fields are unusable since parts of the theme is overlapping causing it to look like the screenshot i will attach. -This is definitely an incompatibility with the theme but since the theme that is being used is smart mag which has over 4500 sales, this problem may come up again when the plugin ages.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Barry!

    I think we can troubleshoot a few of this issues for you!

    1. What structure are your permalinks? Are you using "pretty" permalinks, which means any but the defualt? If you're using the default structure, try changing to a "pretty" format, preferably "post name." If you're already using "pretty" permalinks, just hit save without changing anything on the Permalinks page.

    2. I'm a little unclear on what you're seeing here, could you elaborate a little bit?

    3. That's actually the expected behavior, activating the WP pages will put the J&E shortcodes on a standard WP page, which is going to pick up its style from your theme.

    4. I'm happy to take a look at the CSS for that page, if you can link me to it. We may be able to nudge things into a good place. Your screenshot didn't attach, can you try it again? The screenshot uploader can be a little picky, I usually try to only upload jpgs, and make sure the names of the screenshots are short. (We're working on that issue.)

    Thanks, Barry! I really like your avatar. : )

  • Barry

    Hi Michelle Thanks for the reply,

    1. I was using pretty Permalinks on the site so i saved the current configuration but that didn't seem to change anything.

    2. The experts visual pages - If i edit or create a page, the code which has been used for that page will also be transferred onto All of the virtual pages as well.

    For example i create a page with a <p> hello </p>
    All of the virtual pages will also be changed to <p> hello </p>

    3. Thanks for clearing that up, makes sense.

    4. Sorry about the screenshot, forgot to attach it as i was sidetracked, This is a bit of a problem since i cant actually get to the page anymore since i am getting 404's for all of the jobs which is a new problem.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Barry!

    On issue 2, I've not seen a similar one on the forums thus far, but that shouldn't stop us from trying to fix it.

    Two things:
    1. There is a more recent version of Jobs and Experts, go ahead an update your plugin to see if the issue resolves; I know there were some bug fixes and minor changes in this update that may do the trick for you, as well.

    2. Are you by chance using a caching plugin, like W3TotalCache? If so, try disabling it while you save the changes to your default pages and see if the changes stick.

    Thanks, Barry!

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