Couple of Product Suggestions for the Hub and Backup

First off, I love your product and I’m trying to use it more and more.

I know that you guys are working on Hub 2.0 and I’ve looked at the information on the Roadmap. Here are a few things that I would find extremely useful.

Let me know if you need clarification. Thanks in advance for taking time to read this post.

Notification when a site disappears from My Site List

I noticed that when the WPMUDev plugin is disabled on a site or when I log out of the plugin, the site silently disappears from my sitelist in the hub. I’d appreciate an email alert when this happens so I’ll know if a client has disabled the plugin.

Ability to Group Websites

I only have 10-15 sites in my list right now, but it seems like it could get out of control after you get a lot of sites. I think I’d like to group the sites in my list to make this easier. I’m not sure if I’d group by client or by service level … but I’m sure I could figure out something. It would be nice if the group shows a summary row of the status icons to let me know what issues were present in the sites contained in that group. A group specific “Update Everything” that only affects sites in that group would be nice too.

Ability to Schedule Backups on Multiple Days of the Week

When you create a Backup schedule , you can choose daily or weekly. I’d like an interface similar to Automator where you can pick the specific days of the week when you want it to run.