Couple of questions about end time and custom fields


I've two questions regarding the plugin...

1.- Is there any way to select the end-time of an appointment from the front-end? My client has a study room's appointment service and by default the duration is 1 hour but it needs to be changed by the customers if they need more than 1 hour without doing a new appointment, like doing an appointment for 3 hours (no problems with php code if needed, just some directions or help will be fine).
2. Is it possible to add custom fields like textarea, dropdown, etc?I would like the value of those fields to be editable from the back-end and front-end also. I've seen only the 'checkbox for newsletter' example but it's not working with other types... Again, I don't have any problems for doing it through the functions.php but don't know exactly how to do it or which filters should I use.


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Xavi,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    #1 This is not something available in A+ plugin and currently only way would be to use A+ in combination with MarketPress when more than one appointment can be added in cart and thus allowing to book longer time.
    Changing this behaviour would not be easy, it would require some complex changes in plugin files and we currently don't have enough manpower to assist on such modifications.

    #2 A+ comes with Additional fields add-on that will enable you to add text and checkbox fields, it also has an option to enable admin-side fields editing.
    Dropdown is not available but it does seem like a useful feature to have so I have contacted plugin developer to see how complicated this would be and if perhaps we can include it in future versions.

    Best regards,

  • Michael

    I book appointments for increasing 1 hour slots in the way you describe in #1.

    I simply set up 8 different services for the client to choose from and called them "1 hour slot", "2 hour slot", "3 hour slot" etc and adjusted the duration of each service accordingly.

    I just tell clients to choose their required appointment duration from the drop down menu followed by their required start time. Not sure if this is the exact solution you are looking for, but it's been working smoothly for me for over a year.



  • xavihp

    Thank you both for your answers and sorry for the delay...

    I can't use any of both methods because an appointment can go from 15 minutes to 2 hours. And also I can't configure the services as Michael recommends because each of services represents 1 room and I've like 8 rooms... Setting services from 15' to 2 or 3 hours for each room would result in a not so user friendly dropdown, I think.

    But now I'm trying a different approach for the moment and until this kind of option gets implemented by wpmudev (if it ever comes, of course).

    I just added a custom field with the amount of time the user want the reservation lasts and, as the reservation has to be confirmed always, then the admin just edit the final time for it in the back-end but now I need to modify how it works because there's no such option to edit it as for the start time and date. I think I've found the two files where the magic happens but any help if it's not off limits would be amazing.

    Thank you!

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