couple of supporter bugs

I'm having a couple of odd bugs with Supporter, don't know if it's me or just things still in the fix. I'm using WP 3.1 and Supporter 2.2, and many other plugins. When I view my supporter statistics page in the super admin, the top level admin menu items won't expand or contract. This doesn't happen on the Settings, Modify a Blog, or Premium Themes or Plugins pages. Not a huge thing, just a tiny bug.

When I look at the 'must use' plugins page showing all the MU plugins, I see "Supporter" twice. I've checked my files on the server several times, and can't find a duplicate. Anywhere else I should look?

And I have a few questions about how the Supporter plugin applies itself to the main blog it's installed on. I'm still just setting it up and testing out all the features so please forgive me if I ask a silly question or two- these are all awesome plugins but the info around here seems a bit disjointed and I'm having a hard time with some details. This seems dumb, I need to add the main site as a Supporter to access Supporter only features as the main(original) site? When I view the Super Admin>Sites page, (I have two sites right now, same user- me, the super admin) the main site initially wasn't listed as a supporter, and I didn't see a supporter menu item added other than the Super Admin, so out of curiosity I made the main blog a supporter. I still don't see the Supporter menu added to the Dashboard (is this where it ends up for normal supporters who aren't the main site's super admin?), or really any other changes to the admin area. I also made myself an affiliate (superadmin), so I could track my own links- this seemed to work and all of the Affiliate plugin menus and parts work for that account. But in the same Super Admin>sites page it now shows that I am a supporter but not that I am an affiliate. In the process now of seeing what happens with other users added as affiliates and supporters and/or just affiliates.

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    Greets and welcome to wpmudev.

    Since you're dealing with multiple issues, it would be a plus if you started a different thread for each one instead of all together. Else the threads gets confusing with multiple problems being discussed.

    I will mention though it would be a plus to always include a check of your webserver;s error logs when asking for help. Most support forums operate in such a manner. For example, I;m wondering if you have something clashing on the menu drop down issue.

    As to the 2 menus, I don;t recall seeing that on our testbed. Can you please walk us though with specifics as to how you;ve installed the plugin?

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    Hi. I appreciate that, I'd seen several posts from users with multiple roughly related issues for a single plugin, and since there wasn't an error message of any sort it didn't seem necessary to include my server error logs. i just prefer to keep things simpler- 3 posts is more work for me to keep up with ;D. Which error logs would help you assist me? I assume since you picked the double menu item to start with, that subject should stay here and the admin menu, and questions about how supporter affects the blog it's installed on each get new posts?

    It was several weeks ago that I installed, along with several other wpmu plugins all at once, thinking the plugins here would work together with themselves and others more easily and set up more simply before doing so. After realizing this wasn't quite the case it took me a few weeks to get back around to trying to sort it out. I was trying to avoid having to install, setup, and test each, individually, before adding the next since I've gotten lazy with not needing to do that in most WP installs for several years now; so unfortunately I can't granularly go back over my setup and give every step I took. However, I just followed the install instructions included.

    In my main wp directory I have supporter-paypal.php, and supporter-bulk-upgrades-paypal.php
    in wp-admin, supporter.php
    in wpcontent/mu-plugins : supporter-ads.php, supporter-bulk-upgrades.php, supporter-framework.php, supporter gateway-paypal.php, supporter-plugins.php, supporter-premium-support.php, supporter-quota.php,supporter themes.php, supporter-write.php (does this still not work?), supporter-xmlprc.php, and the supporter files directory.

    I am on a VPS, the site has a dedicated IP, I'm also running upgrades, multi-domain, support, Oz's domain mapping, and some smaller wpmu plugs- to the best of my understanding I have the latest alpha versions- still trying to figure out how to keep up with all the little updates and fixes stored in the forums and not at the plugin pages. It's a brand new install as of wp 3.0, with one site added to the network for testing. I have several sites I'd like to add to this network but am trying to get all the plugins playing together properly first.

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    Hiya Bboyd,

    When I view my supporter statistics page in the super admin, the top level admin menu items won't expand or contract.

    That definitely shouldn't be happening and has something to do with your setup. Could you load that particular page up with with firebug opened and the 'scripts' tab enabled? This will tell us if there's a javascript conflict on that page (which is most likely the cause of the menu not expanding).

    This kind of error happens when a plugin loads a bit of javascript where it shouldn't. So, more than likely another plugin is interfering on this page.

    When I look at the 'must use' plugins page showing all the MU plugins, I see "Supporter" twice.

    This may be one of the add-ons. On my install each of the associated files shows up separately in the 'Must-Use' area of plugins. So I have Supporter and several Supporter Feature listings.

    It is not required to have Supporter active on the main site and though you can manually activate it there's no payment screen or other options for it as far as I know. On sub-sites a "Supporter" menu will appear whether or not they are supporters and give them access to any supporter themes and plugins or ask them to sign up if they haven't done so.

    Hope this helps a bit. Again, the duplication of Supporter and admin menu not working would seem to be issues with your specific setup. I'd say look for the javascript error first.


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