Couple possible bugs & how do I edit CSS? Will it be a problem with future updates?

The menu seems to be choosing pages at random rather than using the menu I've specified?

Logo image in header is not displaying... Just showing a generic image box?

How do I get the social icons widget to display in the top bar? I would assume this involves editing the CSS somehow, but don't see an obvious way to get to the CSS... Also, would this be affected by updates?

Is there a way to remove both the post name (and the dots, if no post name is selected) and the name of the poster from the front page images? Can images be made taller since I am not using text? Again, I'm pretty sure this is a CSS thing... But not sure how to get into the CSS, or what to do if I did, and if all my efforts would be undone with the next update. Please advise, O Wise WPMU DEV!

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @April,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    On the social icons, have you installed a social icon plugin? I couldn't see any social icons on the site.

    For the logo not displaying, could I have a screenshot please of network theme > options > advanced > branding please?

    We can remove the name of the poster using css if you'd like, but we can't remove the dots, as if we remove the dots, when there is a post name, no post name would show if that makes sense? As they aren't separate classes.

    For the images, you could make them bigger by using this {
        height: 108px;
        width: 227px;

    But it's worth noting, that's not a true css class, the theme requires modification to give the images within the post block images a css class or ID.


    Kind Regards

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