couple questions about the membership plugin

I've gone through the videos and have a pretty good feel for the plugin, but have a couple of questions. The site I am creating is an Intranet site for an organization, so there will be no payments required and no visitor access allowed. we have 2 levels of access set up on the site Associates and Supervisors. I have associate set up as the lower level and then there will be one section of the site and one category that are dedicated to supervisors, that I would like to hide from the associates.

- I would like the supervisor resources to be completely hidden from the associates. Is there any way for that to happen? I seem to be able to have them redirected to their login or account page, but the menu items and widgets show up.

- I will be migrating about 200 users from another site (also using the membership plugin) over to this new site. What can I do to keep the username and password for all the users that same so they don't have to login again?


  • Patrick
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    Hi there @David Tillson

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    You would need to create 2 access levels; one for your Associates, and one for the Supervisors.

    In the Associates access level, add whatever content is restricted to Supervisors only to the Negative Rules area. You can restrict access in this manner to all sorts of content, including pages, posts, categories, menu items, etc. (1st screenshot)

    For the widgets, you'll see that there are 2 Membership text widgets you can use to display only to users on selected access levels or subscriptions.

    For any other widgets, like the default ones in WordPress or those generated by other plugins, you would likely want to leverage the power of the Widget Logic plugin which enables you to display widgets using any WordPress conditional statement(s), including the ones built-into Membership.

    So to hide a Supervisor-only widget from Associates, you would use either of these 2 conditionals in the Widget Logic field of the widget:


    ...where $level_id & $sub_id are to be replaced by the actual numerical ID of the access level or subscription plan.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • David Tillson
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    Thanks Patrick. It looks like I set up the 2 levels set up correctly and I'm on the right path with setting up a negative rule for the associate level (so I set up a negative rule for the associate level for the "supervisor notifications" page). But when I'm logged on as an associate, I still see that menu item, which is what I was hoping to avoid. Any way to hide that menu item from the associate level?

    It looks like the widget logic plugin is exactly what I need. Will give that a try.

    Did you see my other question about importing users from the old site?

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hi @David Tillson

    You can simple use positive rules here. Set positive rules for each level and select menus that you want to show. If you use negative rules, then you need to do the opposite. Set negative rules and select menus that you don't want to show for each level.

    About importing users, yes you can import users but there is no way to keep logged in two multisites. As this is a multisite, then need to login again in this site.

    Please suggest if I misunderstood anything?


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