Couple questions, probably very simple CSS (Newbie)

I'm in the process of building a site for a family business, I've made the site public so you can see what i'm talking about

First issue I'd like to resolve, the text in the 'About Us' panel on the home page, I'm struggling to change the text to white, I've tried changing some CSS but the issue I had was that it then effected the text on the 'About Us' page its self to white, making it invisible.

Second issue is in regard to my testimonials, when you select 'Read More' on one of them, the page it links onto has the side-bar, and when trying to edit the page it doesn't give me the option to make it a full width page, so I assume I can change CSS to do this. I would also be open to doing away with the 'Read More' option and having the full testimonial in the panel on the first Testimonials page?

I hope everything I've said makes sense, I'm sure you'll know what I mean once you look at the site.

Thanks in advance, Mike