Couple transactional questions

Just a couple brief questions that I think are worth asking here, so everyone can see the answers.

1. In crowdfunding with a goal set, and the goal is reached, it says so in the list of Fundraisers (turns green, etc); when, exactly, does the plugin closeout the batch of payment authorizations? I expected it to immediately but it did not, and I speculate that the plugin intends to wait until the goal deadline (12 days from now, in my case, for testing). Please elaborate on how/when/etc.

2. When pledging through PayPal a memo is shown that says "If the goal is reached your account will be charged immediately" which (1) is contradictory to my experience detailed above, and (2) I wonder if this Memo is automatically generated by PayPal based on the type of transaction occurring, or is the Fundraising Plugin sending that Memo? If the plugin is doing it, where do we edit what it says?

3. Because the batch didn't close out during testing, I continued pledging to see what happens. The goal was set for $3600 and I have made authorizations totaling $4200. Is this expected? I cannot have this happen; the fundraiser needs to cap out and close.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings dannyo,

    Thank you for these great questions and significant items to bring up.

    Due to these questions are important enough that they leave no room for error or possible mis-information/perception, I will therefore see if I can get the lead developer in here with his invaluable insight into this plugin for his advice/advise for us.

    Though this may take a bit longer then a normal ticket, I will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe

  • dannyo
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    Joe, thanks for the quick reply.

    Cole, perhaps I made an assumption about the way the plugin worked. I may be jumping the gun here, but if the behavior I described in my post is what is actually desired, then I submit a very urgent feature request: add an option specific to each fundraiser to immediately wrap-up once the goal is reached.

    My fingers are crossed here.

  • Cole
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    So the way it works for advanced payments is it only pre-approves each pledge until the goal is reach. Once a goal is reached all the pre-approved payments execute and pre-approvals received after a goal is reached are executed immediately.

    This is what you were wanting correct?

  • dannyo
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    That is what I am seeing -- yes.

    However, to be specific about when the pre-approved payments execute is in question. Exactly when do the payments execute?

    - Upon pre-approval of the goal-making contribution to the fundraiser?
    - At the deadline date specified in the fundraiser?

    In testing the plugin using PayPal's sandbox, I set a goal of 3600 but was able to make 7 transactions of 600 each -- that totals 4200 -- but the fundraiser has not yet closed-out. The ending date specified in the fundraiser is 10 days from now.

    ** I had the expectation that the plugin would wrap-up upon authorizing the goal-making transaction but it did not. What can I do to make it wrap-up at the goal without allowing excess transactions? Sounds crazy that I don't want to exceed the goal, I know.

  • Cole
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    Do you have access to a php error log?

    fundraiser.php line 752 add the following and replace the email with your own

    $debug = var_export($funder_id,true);
    $debug .= var_export($this->get_pledge_list($funder_id),true);
    wp_mail('','funder debug', $debug);

    Make a new pledge using the sandbox and see if you get a debug email from the server. If you do pass it along to if you do not receive one in 3-5 min that will still also help me pinpoint the problem.

  • PC
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    Hiya @dannyo

    Greetings and thanks for being a great community member.

    We haven't heard from you on this one for long and I am doing a regular followup to see if there is still something we can assist you on this thread.

    Just to manage the support issues more efficiently, I am marking this thread as resolved for now however this is not being done to avoid your questions in any ways.

    Please feel free to mark this is "Not resolved" in case you have further questions and we would be back on it.

    Thanks a lot for being with WPMU DEV.

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