Couple transactional questions

Just a couple brief questions that I think are worth asking here, so everyone can see the answers.

1. In crowdfunding with a goal set, and the goal is reached, it says so in the list of Fundraisers (turns green, etc); when, exactly, does the plugin closeout the batch of payment authorizations? I expected it to immediately but it did not, and I speculate that the plugin intends to wait until the goal deadline (12 days from now, in my case, for testing). Please elaborate on how/when/etc.

2. When pledging through PayPal a memo is shown that says “If the goal is reached your account will be charged immediately” which (1) is contradictory to my experience detailed above, and (2) I wonder if this Memo is automatically generated by PayPal based on the type of transaction occurring, or is the Fundraising Plugin sending that Memo? If the plugin is doing it, where do we edit what it says?

3. Because the batch didn’t close out during testing, I continued pledging to see what happens. The goal was set for $3600 and I have made authorizations totaling $4200. Is this expected? I cannot have this happen; the fundraiser needs to cap out and close.