Coupon added but not working as it should

Hi… I’m testing coupons, I created a coupon called “TEST” wich will aply a 2 USD discount. I set that the coupon just work for a plan called “LyX Mensual”, but I have another one called “LyX Anual”. And the coupon is applying ths discount for both plans.

Besides that, when a user has already a membership subscription and apply for the same plan, the pop up show the other plans (including those privates ones wich shouldn’t be happening by the way) in this case “LyX Mensual” and “Lyx Anual” but if the user select one of those when the coupon is applied they do not accept the coupon.

You can test the coupon and all this on my site:

take a look

I’m reporting everything so you can fix this asap.

Thankyou in advance