Coupon discount is rounding when I dont want it too


When I apply a coupon discount a few strange things happen

1) The total coupon discount is in a weird green colour. Can i remove this completley I only want it to show the -£5 once. I'm guessing it's totalling if multiple discount codes are used but I think this is unecessary as I won't be allowing multiple discount codes.

2) There are two dashes to display a negative amount discounted I only want 1 dash.

3) The discount is actually £4.5 but it's rounding it down to £4, I want it to show as £4.5 please.

4) As I only use Appointments+ on my website I would like the discount to flow through into the relevant booking but unfortunately it does not. It is possible to request this as a feature request please so it automatically alters the price in Appointments+

Many Thanks