Coupon Page / Can I use CustomPress to affect Page details / Will hire help

Hello all,

I’m using WordPress Multisite to set up Mobile Websites for my Clients. Each Client has access to the Administration Area of their site. I would like to add a feature to the list of options on the left to create Mobile Coupons. I think I may be able to use CustomPress to do this, but I’m not sure how…

Basically, I need the ability to create a Post Type in CustomPress, where people can input their Mobile Coupon variables into some custom fields (e.g., Select % Off or $ Off, Input the name of the product this coupon is for, etc..) and upon entering filling out these fields and hitting submit:

• A new page is created with html/css styling (to make it look like a coupon)

• The information input into the custom fields is transferred into the page in the form of text. For example, If someone selected “% Off” from the drop down menu, the coupon reads “Percent Off.”

Is this possible? Am I correct in thinking I can use CustomPress to do this?

And since I am racing a deadline to launch this feature, is there anyone out there who will create this for me (you don’t need to do the styling of the Coupon Page only get the user’s selections to appear on the page in a div or area that I can style later)? I’ll pay $75 bucks via Paypal. Half up front, half upon completion.

Kindest regards,