Coupon – testing – takes user back to 'create an account'

Frustrating. i’ve added a coupon to give 10% off. All seems fine. However, when I test it it goes in a loop and doesn’t work. Let me explain.

1. I go to the registratrion page and click on the ‘sign up’ button which takes me here: /register/?action=registeruser&subscription=1

2. I ‘create an account’ as instructed: and click on xxx which takes me to /register/ and shows me the subscription details, price, paypal button and the opportunity to enter a coupon code. It says: Have a coupon code? So I enter my coupon code ECHO and click ‘APPLY’ and it takes me back to the original /register page (outlining the different subscription levels) and so I have to start the process again… (only I can’t use the same username/email as that’s already in use… so I try with a different one, enter the coupon code, and bam, back I go to the first ‘register’ page… in a loop, never getting to sign up at all.

Please advise as a matter of urgency as the coupon is for a promotion going in a newspaper early next week and I’m wanting it to boost subscriber numbers rather than frustrate potential members before they’ve even signed up. Thank you.

Kind regards


PS happy to provide a login if required via email.