Coupons Combined with Serial

I have an 8.99/month serial plan. If I give someone a coupon code that reduces that price to 2.99/month for them, does that discounted price stay with them forever, even if I expire the coupon? Or does the price go back up to 8.99/month?

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    @alex_standiford Hi there

    Once you create a subscription type and they apply a voucher/coupon then that would apply for the term of their membership.once that expires they would have to renew at the "normal rate"

    For any special memberships you would have to create a one off plan for them.



  • Tom Eagles
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    The common way is offer a discount on the first payment whether it be first month, first quarter first year then the next billing cycle would renew at the normal rate, which in essence is what you are trying to achieve. Changing the price midterm although perfectly sound can lead to angry customers who forgot or who didnt read properly etc. So its better to just have a normal price and offer a coupon as i mentioned previously that would renew at expiry and it makes it much easier to manage. Other than that it would require extensive customisations on your part.



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    Hey Tom,

    Thanks for getting back so fast. Forgive my ignorance, but here is how I'm understanding what you're telling me.

    create a membership subscription set to serial, monthly at 8.99. Offer a coupon for 2.99 that the customers use.

    This will give the customer a one-time discount of 2.99, and the months after 8.99?

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