Coupons Is the idea behind coupons ONLY that you GET one


Is the idea behind coupons ONLY that you GET one and THEN APPLY it to a subscription (so you get a cheaper subscription)?

I am looking for people who take out MEMBERSHIPS to be rewarded with the ability to USE coupons to get discounts on OTHER services (eg courses).

eg if someone signs up for our Networking Subscription, it GIVES them 10% off the cost of our courses (ie products).

Is that possible?

  • Karen


    Thanks but unfortunately I have different (or would like to if I could get it to work) groups:
    *previous course attendees
    *those who take out membership A, B, C etc
    *others I want to reward eg affiliates

    and each would have a different discount code.

    I can't keep track of them all when they start and finish manually.

    It is too much work.

    Suggestion: Could someone explain in ALL the MANUALs the assumptions underlying them - that would make things clearer. It makes no sense to me to have discounts apply to membership. Paying for membership usually CONFERS ON YOU discounts you can use elsewhere, which is what I am trying to achieve.

    A discount to take out a membership makes no sense and is the REVERSE of the NORMAL structure of a membership.

    Eg you are a member of a club which gives you a newsletter which provides discounts on food at venueA, clothes at ShopB etc.

    How do you EARN a discount on a membership? You normally take out the membership and the REWARD is the discount on OTHER items from OTHER VENUES.

    It's nonsensical the way it is set up.

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