Courepress checkout not showing

Guys, I am having major problems with being able to get Course Press to work.

As you will be able to tell, I have created lots of support tickets and I am now getting to the stage that I am looking at other course-ware because I am wasting way to much time on this.

So I have been told there is an issue with Stripe, so I sign up with Pin Payments as well as Eway. I was able to get Pin working last week, however now the checkout won’t show. It’s not Pin because I have also tried Eway and Paypal and neither of them show a checkout. I have tried to recreate the page and that doesn’t work either.

On top of that, the formating seems to of gone, ie, the site had nicely formated by now buttons and now they are basic little buttons. How that happens, who knows.

This is an ongoing issue with Coursepress. Can someone please please go and try to by Recruiter Bootcamp, then follow the process through and see if it works because it isnt for me. The test card for Pin Payments is 4200000000000000.

Support has been enabled. Please let me know what I have to do to get this happening really soon or is it better to use different lms system. Thanks Steve