Course Category and Advanced Custom Fields

So we've been using Advanced Custom Fields and the Categories Add-on in order to add some extra fields to the Course Categories. We noticed that it stopped working and so I did some testing by rolling back CoursePress versions to determine when it broke as that was the only change that had been made. Turns out that in CoursePress version this functionality works, but is broken in all subsequent versions.

The functionality that is broken is that the fields no longer show up when in the Course Categories page in the Admin area. If I change my ACF fields to apply to ALL taxonomy terms then they show up when creating/editing a normal Post Category or Post Tag, but not when creating/editing a Course Category.

Again this all works as expected when I downgrade to CoursePress, but does not work with any versions starting with and above. I know that you guys don't own Advanced Custom Fields, but the problem appears to be with CoursePress. If you have another solution that will allow us to get the same functionality then I am more than open to using CustomPress or anything else. I am just more familiar with Advanced Custom Fields and it was getting the job done until the update to CoursePress.

I can't see where I can include screenshots while creating this bug so I will do so in the comments below.