Course closed ahead of time. Now I can't send in my final assigement.

That sucks! Big time!

WordPress Multisite Masterclass closed ahead of time. This is now 4:52 pm, 2017-01-18 on the Pacific Coast of Canada. That is where I live, work and play.

The Course was supposed to close AFTER JANUARY 19, 2017! It is clear in the instructions from the instructor as quoted below. And this is the 18th of January! If your going to put courses on by a deadline date, it should be made very clear what date you are referring to.
Most people in this world don't live and think in 'world scale' time. I certainly didn't as I was racing for the deadline, losing sleep and being stressed out because of errors that crop up at the last minute.

I feel totally let down by this, and right now I'm thinking "WHY should I do any more courses like these? I can learn on my own, AT MY OWN PACE, and my 'passing mark' is whether what I'm doing, works or not. "

If I wanted to take University style courses with that kind of pressure, with imposed deadlines, and grading, I live 10 minutes away by bus from a World Class University facility filled with international students.


Your final assignment is due by January 19. This means you have two weeks from when this unit opens to complete the assignment.

After January 19, the course will close and I will begin marking assignments. Students who successfully complete the final assignment will receive certification for this course.

Good luck!

– Rachel McCollin, Course Instructor