Course content not being saved when updated

Trying to get CoursePress to work properly has been a nightmare. Units aren't displaying properly. Course details were out of whack. See list of Support Issues I have submitted. This product must be in alpha stage of development. The only reason I haven't dumped it yet is because I've put 40 hours of work getting the course content online.

Now I am making minor updates to the content and my changes are not being "saved". I click the "save" button repeatedly, change unit, and then go back to previously modified unit and the text modifications are lost/not saved. Why?

With this latest problem, I think it might just push me over the edge unless someone there can give me some hope? I am ready to try Learndash, WP Courseware or WOO Sensei. I had high hopes for CoursePress. Hate to throw away the work I've invested but from my perspective, all I see is more of the same pain and frustration with this plugin? Am I wrong?