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Please help!!! So what I am needing help is putting together your plugins and having them work together. So I have a several pages where I have video gallery, the categories, and the search box. I created a course through course pro that I will upload videos that will be units. I need this to be a drip content kind of course. I want both the video gallery and course to be through a monthly subscription together. Finally I don't know how to place the admin bar up and customize it so all my members have access to it. n I have tried to do this for a month and I am such a hard time with this. Can I please receive assistance with this?!!! This is the final step I need to finally get my website ready for launch. Please! thank you so much!

  • Michelle Shull
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    Hi, Garrett!

    I can help! Let's try to take your issues one by one.

    1. For dripped content, we're going to need to use Protected Content instead of Membership. Don't worry, we made switching easy, and since you're still in the planning stages, it'll be easy to make a switch.
    2. The membership you set up in Protected Content will be pretty simple. Go to Memberships > Create New > Dripped Content (see screenshot.)
    3. Next, set up the terms for your Dripped Content Membership, by setting the payments as recurring, the length as one month, and add the price. (see screenshot.)
    3. Next, you'll see a success message which give you control over what appears in your menu, and the individual pages you'll need for Protected Content. (see screenshot.)

    4. Next, go to Protected Content > Add Ons.
    5. Enable the Protect Individual Custom Posts add on, by switching the toggle to green.
    6. Go to Protected Content > Protected Content, and select the Custom Post Type Items tab.
    7. Find your Course, and click the Access Level link that will appear when you hover over your course name.
    8. Select your Dripped Membership.
    9. Click "Set Date" to enter when the course will be available.
    10. Repeat for each unit in the course, which will show on that same Custom Post Type Items tab.

    That's it!

    As for your admin bar issue, did you happen to add any code to your wp-config file, that you remember, which may have turned it off?

    Does this get you closer?

    Thanks for your question!

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