Coursepress 2 Update - Quick fix style issues


I recently updated coursepress to 2.0, in doing so the majority of my styles are now not applicable.

Previously coursepress would use the single-unit.php to display the unit on the front end. It would call Unit_Module::get_modules_front($unit->details->ID); which would display a nice <h2 class="module_title"> to display the module of the title.

The new single-unit.php now calls CoursePress_Template_Unit::unit_with_modules(); which seems to have change the page title but also lots of other things on the template. Using the h2 class="module_title" as an example again, this is now a h4 class="module-title" which of course significantly changes the styling that was applied previously.

Is there a quick fix without going through and restyling all the elements?