CoursePress 2.0 Problems

We are having quite a bit of problems with CoursePress.

First off, the main problem that has continued from the old version is the assessment of questions. If I mark the question needs to be assessed, no matter how low I set the score or how many times I allow retries (I tried making it 20% for a passing with 99 retries), if a user gets a question wrong it won’t let them fix it. They just get stuck in a never ending loop of being sent back to the prior question, and then having no way to re answer the wrong question, and it won’t let them move forward.

So to make this work workable I had to go in and make it ungraded, which then, it doesn’t show the user they got the question wrong. I was hoping 2.0 would finally provide a fix to this, but it has not. Not only that, it appears that answers have been deleted. One unit section has 4 questions, each with a yes or no answer. And none of the correct answers are showing up. I reentered them, saved it and went back and they deleted themselves again. I was having problems with CoursePress deleting questions/answers before.