CoursePress Accumulative Assessment quiz

Hi, nobody answering other threads so thought I would start new one here! Under bit of client time constraint!

How would I achieve the following for assessments / unit quiz or examination?

(1) How do you allow for say 10 questions within one lesson unit and the student only has to answer 70% of the 10 questions correctly before moving on to the next unit?

(2) How would you setup the course if there are grouped lessons, then a test (mcq's) before proceeding on to the next group of lessons, and so on?

(3) Grading needs to be accumulative over entire course e.g. achieve 70% for all quiz questions throughout the course. Appears that the report / workbook does accumulative assessment but pass or fail mark not based on a minimum of x%.

(4) Also please explain a scenario when a multiple choice question would be set with a "Minimum grade required" percentage?

Thanks so much for a quick reply!