[CoursePress] All the images and videos are missing.

Since CoursePress was not supported by you, I cannot sell my product and every product is now free, my picture doesn’t appear and video too.

  • Ohidul Islam
    • Staff

    Hey Francois,

    Thanks for coming to our support, hope you are well today.

    We have logged in to your website using your granted Support access. We have checked the issue that you are struggling about.

    Since we have retired our CoursePress plugin, that means we will not actively developing this plugin but we will provide supports for critical issues to our members. CoursePress works as a stand alone plugin and it doesn't require WPMU API to work, so retiring these plugins doesn't causing any issues on members end. There's may be something has changed on your end that could be causing the issue, it can be some plugin or theme update.

    We have created a test page on your website https://cp***rs.com/test-course-page/ where we have used our [course] shortcodes to check whether the course price, featured image and featured videos are attaching properly with the course. And we have found that it's attaching properly but somehow this is not displaying properly on your course listing and course single page. Here's screenshots for reference.

    Would please do a full plugin conflict test?

    Deactivate all your plugins except CoursePress and WPMU Dev Dashboard and check whether the issue fixed or not. If the course featured image, video and cost is showing properly now, then activate plugins one by one and visit your course page every time to check what plugin is causing the issue.

    Also if you have any prior back of pre-issue state, restoring from that would a nice solution.

    Let me know if that conflict test fixes the issue, otherwise we will do further investigate.

    Best regards,


  • francois
    • New Recruit

    Hello Bamboo Kit and Ohidul Islam,

    Problem now solve, It’s really strange and i’ll take time to find why, but i’m sorry is true, is not your status change but the plugin Shortcode Anywhere, Everywhere who create this issue.

    Thank you very much for you help

    I’m really happy to be a membership to your community.

    Sorry to disturb you and take time.

  • Ohidul Islam
    • Staff

    Hello Francois,

    Thank you for letting us know the issue is fixed by now. I didn’t change anything in the plugin shortcode anywhere but I did some tweak in plugin settings and ran a plugin conflict test. After that it might fix the issue.

    However, we are keep adding new features in our plugins. There’s Forminator calculations and payments, Smush CDN and super cool Lazyloading features. We have updated Performance Reports in HummingBird. And we are also anticipating a Hub v2 update soon.

    Along with the new, and totally optional, hosting – which if nothing else, should be useful for an easy place to test and play with things if you aren’t looking for a new host.

    Also you can check our roadmap page where from you could get an idea about what we are working on. https://premium.wpmudev.org/roadmap/

    Kind regards,


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