Coursepress breaks Site for Users after they access a few units

I have several users reporting, and I have confirmed these reports, that almost the entire site stops working after they go through 2 units and try to go through a third.

When they are able to get around there is no longer a button or description of the course on the course description page. It just has an image for the course and the price. Everything else is a white page so they can not continue the course.

When I run into this I just type into the URL bar to get to the "units" page. After an extended amount of time (roughly 3 minutes) the page loads a white screen.

I have turned off all plugins except Coursepress and reverted back to the default theme. Issues persist.

To replicate, go through 2 units in the course and try to access the 3rd. Then try to access the "courses", "course description", and "units" pages.

I have already granted access.