CoursePress: Bug: "Already Member" button loop

When a user that is NOT SIGNED IN clicks on "Sign Up" on a course page, then clicks on "Already a member" he is taken back to the course page instead of the sign in page.

How can I fix this until you fix this in an update?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey BGF,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Thanks for reporting this, I get the same behaviour on my site and it definitely makes more sense for it to give a login form or go to a login form. I've flagged this for the developer to fix up :slight_smile:

    As for a fix in the meantime, I have done just a small edit to the popup-window-signup.php template, adding this to the href field so it at least goes to a login page:

    <?php echo wp_login_url( get_permalink() ); ?>

    Here is full line(approx. line 129)

    <a href="<?php echo wp_login_url( get_permalink() ); ?>" class="cp_login_step" data-course-id="<?php esc_attr_e( isset( $_POST['course_id'] ) ? (int) $_POST['course_id'] : ' ' ); ?>"><?php _e( 'Already have an Account?', 'cp' ); ?></a>

    I've attached the file, just unzip it and upload it to:


    overwriting the original. Once the update is released then it should be fixed so you can update without any issues.

    Hope that helps!

    All the best,