CoursePress conflict with Enfold Theme

I'm not sure that my previous post has reached you. (It disappeared before I clicked on submit, while adding a screenshot file)

1stly, thanks for your plugin which really sounds userfriendly to use.
Nevertheless, I have 2 issues while trying to deploy and test it:

1-Theme conflict:
I'm using Enfold Theme of Kriesi.When I publish a course, and especially in the "Unit" Content, the Sidebar goes broken, footer extended,and text displayed more than fullwidth (!) on the screen over every other content.

2-CoursePress UI
When I'm in "Unit" text area, I can input or enter the area unless I click on some button of the toolbar (?). And it doesn't seem to be successful everytime. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you help?
In advance thank you.

P.S: Screenshot attached