CoursePress Course Join Button Change Button Text

I need to be able to change the text of the Course Join Button on the Courses page from ‘Details’ to ‘View Course Details’.

I can see that the button is generated by the ‘course_join_button’ shortcode within the ‘archive-courses-single.php’ file, however, if I make any changes to this file they will be lost when the plugin is updated.

Ideally the best solution here is for a filter to be available to allow developers to be able to manipulate this button, is this possible?

As an example, the following changes could be made to the ‘archive-courses-single.php’ file to achieve this:

Note: this could be done wherever CoursePress uses a ‘do_shortcode’ command to allow developers to better work with CoursePress.

<?php //echo do_shortcode( '[course_join_button list_page="yes"]' ); // comment out existing line ?>
<?php echo apply_filters( 'course_join_button', do_shortcode( '[course_join_button list_page="yes"]' )); // run shortcode result through filter and echo result ?>

// function example to apply filter
add_filter( 'course_join_button', 'course_join_button_filter', 10, 1 );
function course_join_button_filter( $button ) {
$button = do_shortcode( '[course_join_button details_text="' . __( 'Show Course Details', 'cp' ) . '" list_page="yes"]' ); // shortcode with additional arguments
return $button;