[COURSEPRESS] Coursepress theme on multisite

Hi WPMU team,

By default on single WP installation Coursepress theme is available in Appearance - Themes. However this does not work on Multisite installation.
The theme is not show on subistes and in theme section (network).

Temporary solution for this (which was test during the chat) is to copy this theme from:
/wp-content/plugins/coursepress/2.0/themes/ folder
and reupload to
Then this theme need to be enabled in network.
After that I was need to disable Premium Themes in Pro sites and enabled again subistes.

So I see two issues here:
1. why does the theme not show on mutlisite by default
2. why does the theme not show in Premium Themes in Pro Sites (above temporary solution allows to see this theme only in subsite -> Appearance -> Themes)

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Adam,

    When using a multisite installation you need to network activate themes in order to be able to activate it on subsites, and when you activate CoursePress plugin on subsite, or main site, there's no registration of the theme in the network panel and thus it won't be available for the subsites.

    So in order to use CoursePress theme network wide, you will either need to network activate CoursePress plugin, or use the above-mentioned workaround by copying the theme inside your themes folder.

    Best regards,

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