CoursePress: Delete multiple student answers

Hi there,

Because CoursePress can not provide multiple runs for a complete course, one of your forum members, Bryan, gave me a solution:

To delete answers, currently I can only delete one answer at a time...
Is there any way to delete multiple answers at the same time?
If I have 100's of students answers to delete....will take me days and days. OUCH

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Tony

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    You are correct. Currently, each student answer can only be edited/deleted one at a time.

    Even if you withdraw a student from a course, and then that student re-enrolls in the same course, their initial answers are still there waiting for them.

    The feature requests on that other thread you linked to above are, I believe, very good ones. I have flagged the developer again on that thread to get his input on this issue.

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