Coursepress 'Hide related videos' flag option doesn't save

Using coursepress and editing modules. Changes to title save OK, but on the video module we want to set the ‘Hide related videos’ flag. It seems to change to ticked OK and save looks ok, but a refresh shows that it’s still unticked. Our embedded youtube videos still have related videos at end.

We have a test site where we were grappling with this ‘edits not saving issue’ which seemed to apply to other changes, and then ALL the modules in that unit just disappeared. On recreating they now seem to be fully editable and behave as expected. Creating a new module in the live site unit however still doesn’t save so can’t just delete and recreate the modules. puzzled

Course in question is Conflict theory and practice, Series 1. Unit 1, section 1, two video modules, one has flag unset the other is set. Neither work as expected on front end as flag seems to be ignored and related videos are shown. On test site we’ve been able to set the flag and the same videos there behave as expected. When they’re finished they don’t show related video but the start screen.

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