CoursePress – How do instructor issue certificate to student?


I have some issues with the CoursePress plugin.

I even so far as to install it on a brand new wordpress installation with no other plugins installed.

I created a new course using the CoursePress plugin running on the CoursePress Theme.

That is working fine.

Now, the issues comes in when I register as a new member and take the course.

The new member completed the course which is fine.

The issue I’m having now is that the new member needs to get a certificate. Preferably automatically from the system as there is nothing to be assessed.

How do I as instructor grade / assess the students progress and issue him/her a certificate.

When I log in as admin and go to assessments, there is nothing there. I cannot seem to find any place in the CoursePress plugin where I can acknowledge a students complement of the course and provide him with a certificate.

Your assistance will be very welcome.