CoursePress II - only letting me do one course as free edition

I have been using CoursePress Pro. I have an online training business. I upgraded to CoursePress Pro II. I am now told I have the free edition which only allows for one course (see attached).,

I have an active WPMU membership. I am logged into the site with that membership ID. When I attempt to 'configure settings' for CoursePress from the WPMU Dashboard I receive the message that 'Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page' (see attached)...

Since I need to remain in business, I have restored my site backup and am using CoursePress I. What do I need to do to be able to upgrade AND have more than one course?

This site has three plug-ins: CoursePress, MarketPress and the WPMU dashboard. I have gone through disbling MarketPress and the WPMU dashboard. The problem remains. I don't think it is a plug-in conflict.