CoursePress: Important Feature Requests: Necessary Features Course Press should have right now

Course Press Pro is currently a masterful work of genius. Great work guys. Keep it up!

Include these features to take it to the next level:

1) Allow the ability for a company/school/parent to signup via Membership plugin for a MULTI-USER ACCOUNT. The company/school/parent becomes the multi-user/group administrator. This 'person/entity' may log in and assign ROLES to other people. Roles such as 'Form Teacher,' 'Teacher,' 'Teaching Assistant,' 'Tutor,' 'Counsellor.'

Make it so that the multi-user/group administrator may create custom ROLES. For example, if a corporation may create the following roles to manage employee training: 'Manager,' Supervisor,' 'Tech Support,' 'HR Manager.'

AUTOMATION should be the focus: Bulk upload, Bulk grouping of students by subject/age/key stage etc.

Companies/Schools/Parents can MANAGE learner progress, intervene where necessary, and automate setup of large numbers of students

2) ADVANCED PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash payment gateway, Invoicing, sync with accounting software

3) QUESTION BANK with user-customizable WORKSHEET GENERATOR. Allow teacher-role users to generate printable and online worksheets that suit their needs on-demand: example 'Tomorrow's algebra test/homework that only includes this type of questions' OR 'This month's employee policy knowledge quiz.'

Allow tagging of Courses, Course Units, and Individual Course unit Questions. Then provide a facility to 'pull' (query) ANY CONTENT-type (course, units, questions, etc) and aggregate results into different forms: example 1) Assignment with email notifications (do these questions by this date, and review these course units) 2) Printable worksheet (teacher can distribute custom question queries in class based on tags)

Allow manager-role or teacher-role or parent-role users to create school-wide, family-wide, company-wide, department-wide ACTIONABLE PERFORMANCE ALERTS.

Allow user input of ASSESSMENT ID numbers for each question, and group of a questions, and course units, and courses

(More than an email)
Nobody wants one more manual task to perform. Automate alerts. Example: A learners (student, employee, etc) scores below a benchmark grade on a SPECIFIC ASSESSMENT (eg: Assessment ID = PY101-AS0004). Each question has an ID and TAGS. A report is generated that shows the WEAKNESSES of the learner. This report is delivered as an alert by EMAIL (to user roles selected for these alerts) + added to the Students PROGRESS REPORTS.

Also, the questions that the student got wrong are FLAGGED. When the student comes back to that Assessment those questions are highlighted in RED for extra attention. Also the student may select 'show only flagged questions' to accelerate exam-prep when time is limited.

School administrators, teachers, tutors, parents can pull up aggregate data on SPECIFIC TOPICS that were FLAGGED as problematic for learners with PERCENTAGE of LEARNERS that had each flagged topic flagged. Attached to each flagged topic is a qualitative description of the topic, course unit etc - this is possible because each course, course unit, question has TAGS, and each tag has a field for "QUALITATIVE DESCRIPTION." School administrators etc may now use these reports to IMPROVE their CURRICULA and COURSES for the next school year (likewise with corporate Staff Training managers)

Also see:

- More question types: Drag and drop, Sequence, etc
- Branching questions
Please see:

7) HINTS in Questions
Provide an icon/button for students to get a HINT or LINK to SOLUTION (video page etc). Of course the course instructor should be able to select if this option should be enabled

Automated CERTIFICATES generated and made available for download, and link sent by email upon successful completion of a course. Invaluable for corporations. Employees get motivated to do more courses and get recognition

9) FEEDBACK built-in
Each course should have built-in feedback mechanisms that allow students to not just RATE the COURSE, but INPUT SUGGESTIONS for IMPROVEMENT. The course administrator should be able to provide institution, department-wide, class-wide questionnaires (with the option to LINK to EXTERNAL QUESTIONNAIRES (eg: Survey Monkey etc).

Boost learner motivation with Performance-Based COMPETITIONS. Show how a learner's performance on each course (and overall) stacks up against other learners (in his company, school, state, country, or worldwide). Allow institutions to post monthly or per-semester PRIZES for top performers. Sync this with SOCIAL MEDIA so high performers get recognition on BuddyPress and Facebook.

Transform boring quizzes and lessons into fun QUEST GAMES (just like Optimus Prime transforms from a boring truck). It really is not hard. Here's how:
Take the current DISPLAY FORMAT for a Course 'List of units' and instead OUTPUT the queried Course Unit names into a graphical interface like this:

The learner clicks on a 'world' and enters a Course Unit

The learner successfully completes a Course Unit, and a flag is planted on that 'world'

MULTIPLAYER and TEAM PLAYER. Teachers may have students separate into groups (corporations have employees into department teams). Team member pool their POINTS to compete against other teams. Result: Teamwork, Fun, Enthusiasm, RESULTS.

There you have it,

PS: BTW this whole system of "if others Like and +1 your feature request we will look at it” is highly illogical - Firstly, who has time to go perusing other people's posts? Unless you are looking for something via search you will not notice another user's feature request. Secondly, users are not notified by email about feature requests that may interest them, so you do not have a statistically viable sample for the notion of +1 and Liked feature requests to be of viable use. Thirdly, obvious nuggets of gold may slip away from you using this method

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    Hey there @BGF,

    Hope you're well! :slight_smile:

    Thank you for taking the time to give your valuable feedback :slight_smile: I like the one that tell the teacher / parent ( manager-role ) to see on what part of the course does the learner has good / bad grade. :slight_smile:

    I pm'ed the lead developer about this post and I will also move this to "Features & Feedback" suggestion. :slight_smile:


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