Coursepress issues with MarketPress integration

I have a couple odd things happening and I can't figure out what's the cause.

1. I've enabled a sale price on a course, then went into the product settings (in MarketPress) for said course, confirmed the sale price was enabled and set a start and end date for the sale price. With the courses in the shopping cart, they don't reflect the sale price.

2. If I'm not currently logged into the website and I attempt to "Enroll" into a class from the course description page, the page grays out with nothing to do.

3. Unrelated directly to CoursePress, but a functionality issue of Marketpress: Since the sale price is not working, I figured I would try using the coupon mode of MarketPress to get the discounts working. For some reason, I cannot get the start and end dates to work. Every time i try changing and saving, it reverts back to today's date. I've tried putting it in as 2017-04-15 and April 15, 2017 to no avail.

FWIW, I'm using chrome and can replicate this in incognito mode, as well as, other browser.

Thank you in advance!