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If a dynamic page named "Courses" does not automatically generate when the Plug-in is activated ( and I read that it does not in another older forum question)... What page becomes the landing page for all of our "courses" area from other zones of our WP site that are not related to CoursePress and the content that we build under it? In other words, do I build a directory page ( or pages) because one is not automatically generated for me to go in and adjust the appearance of it? Is the solution to build a page named anything but "courses" and have links going out to category pages or individual courses?

I'm finding the set-up comments from the plug-in misleading, since they say dnamic pages have been created upon activation, yet a support answer here from some time ago says that those pages are not visible (?) . Before I get serious about moving forward with this plug-in, I guess I need to clear up my confusion as to what it automates and what it does not. ( First time using a LMS plugin and I'm being tasked to compare a couple of them as a club volunteer).

  • James Morris

    Hello Estelle,

    First, I'd like to welcome you to the WPMU DEV community! :slight_smile:

    By dynamic pages, what we mean is the pages generated by CoursePress are not your standard WordPress pages, like what you create in Admin -> Pages. They are generated "on the fly" as it were. So, there is no need to build any pages as this is automatically done for you when you create a course. But, you do all editing of the content in the course itself.

    However, there are templates that you can copy over into your theme and modify to suit your liking. You can find those templates at /wp-content/plugins/coursepress/2.0/themes/coursepress. If you like, you can even copy that entire directory over into your /wp-content/themes/ directory and use it as a standard theme.

    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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