CoursePress main course pages not scrolling and some texts not being visible

I can't scroll up and down on the main course pages. Also, I need to change the color of some texts that are not visible unless highlighted.

  • Kris

    Hi Rod Tayler,

    Hope you are doing good today.

    I did a small investigation on your site. My first observation was that something is wrong with css styles and especially with this part fo code:

    @media only screen and (min-width:64.063em){
    .top-bar-container {position:fixed;top:0;width:100%;z-index:10000;box-shadow:0 -11px 24px black;}

    but as it turned out that this code is responsible for header part.

    Aearching further I came across something strange. Your theme generate a double content in on all pages in DIV with class "tagline". In this DIV there is duplicate header with menu and some part of contect. That is also include courses pages. In you theme CSS "app.css" also exist code fot this "tagline".

    I prepare a fix for courses sites, please add this code as a custom CSS to your site:

    .course_archive-template-default .tagline {display:none;}
    .single-course .tagline {display:none;}

    You can use this plugin to add custom css to your site:

    This also I think resolve issue with highlighted hidden text.

    As for removing the Mail List from sidebar on courses pages please add this custom css:

    .course_archive-template-default #gform_widget-5 {display:none;}
    .single-course #gform_widget-5 {display:none;}

    Kind Regards,

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