Coursepress, Marketpress, Membership 2, and pay-per-view integration

I've only recently discovered how awesome your support is, so now I've got another question.

What I'm trying to achieve is a network of coursepress sites, each representing an individual "teacher" with paid courses, and the network taking a small portion of the purchase price. Because of the topic that will be covered, most "courses" will actually be a single video of 3-5 minutes, but I want teachers to have the option to create larger, more complex courses like coursepress is designed for.

I want the following ways for "students" to purchase content and payment to be distributed by stripe connect or paypal adaptive payments:

1. Purchase access to individual items <-(can be done with a very simple "course" of one item, and marketpres integration. could also be done with pay-per-view integration, maybe)

2. Purchase access to all courses from one teacher for a monthly fee, or larger one time fee forever <-(I think doable with membership 2, or would that give access to the whole network only)

3. like #2 but for the whole network, in this case payments needing to be distributed based on user activity, ie: if a student pays for full network activity, and watches 5 vids from teacher a, and 15 from teacher b, then teacher a gets 25% and teacher b gets 75%. <-(no idea how to do this because of the tracking required for payment distribution)

so the question is, Can I get 1 and 2 done by integrating Coursepress, MarketPress, and Membership? will they cooperate in this way?

And the other question is, any ideas on how I might be able to get #3?