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I wanted to be able to display currently logged in user notification count. Your wonderful support told me this is not possible without a lot of custom coding (because coursepress doesn't have API?? - no idea what that is). I was further advised to checkout the jobs and pros section. You developed coursepress so could you help me answer these questions :
1. Is there any chance of notification counter shortcode in coursepress soon?
2. If I hired a pro, approximately how long would it take to come up with code?
3. Approximately how much will it cost using jobs and pros? What is the pricing like, and how am I as the client protected?
4. Any advice for Coursepress pro use and development? Especially css :smile:
Thank you!!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mwale,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    From your question I understand that what you need is a number of currently logged in students and not just site users in general, is that right?

    For general "logged in users" counter you could use e.g. this plugin:

    This one will let you show a number of logged in users "in general", without checking whether they are students that enrolled in any courses or not.

    I suppose this could even be a good starter for further development: checking if a user is a student and if not excluding that user from the count.

    It would however require custom development, just like you were told during live chat. CoursePress does not include API so the code would have to check the database directly which is always a complex task. As for an explanation: API stands for "Application Programming Interface" - it's a set of special "tool/procedures" letting you programatically interact with some software (a CoursePress plugin in this case) with no need to "hack/change" this software.

    It's like a User Interface but not for a human but for other software. I hope that makes sense for you :slight_smile:

    That being said, I'm not able to answer you questions about how much time it would take and how much should it cost if you hired a developer. We do not affect any rates and the developers that would respond to your job announcement are completely free to set their own rates and estimate work amount and time needed. Please not that none of the WPMU DEV staff members is participating in our "Jobs & Pros" job board and any other freelance job boards.

    As for you protection as a customer when you hire a developer via "Jobs & Pros" job board. As I said, we're nor the party of your agreement with selected developer, neither are we associated with any of them. It's up to you (both parties - you and the developer) what form of an agreement would you choose and all the usual laws apply. However, all the developers that are offering their services via our "Jobs & Pros" are WPMU DEV members and - so to speak - it's not in their interest to do anything against you or your site because this could cause some consequences, including banning their membership. We run that job board for a long years now and it's proven to be secure. Furthermore, those developers know our plugins well so it's a safe choice :slight_smile:

    1. Is there any chance of notification counter shortcode in coursepress soon?

    Please feel free to post a feature request on our "Features & Feedback" forum. If a significant number of other WPMU DEV members will support that idea, it's possible that our developers will consider adding such feature in future but I can't promise anything at this point and I cannot give you any ETA.

    4. Any advice for Coursepress pro use and development? Especially css

    The CoursePress is no different in terms of CSS than any other plugin/theme. If you are a bit familiar with CSS and using browser's Dev Tools (or a tools like "Firebug" in Firefox) you shouldn't come across any complex issues. In case you'd need any specific advise/help on this, please start separate thread and we'll be able to help you with this.

    Best regards,

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