Coursepress Pro - Accumulative Grading

I am re-asking this question in the hope of an update. I have found the same question multiple times throughout support. I have seen that is has been added to feature requests ages and ages ago and I dont believe it has yet been implemented which is strange as it seems like the most basic features of a course.

Anyway.. Is there anyway of having an accumulative score of a unit page or entire unit. As it stands a quiz question can have a passable mark of say 75% however this is not possible on a single choice question. You either get it right or wrong.

If an accumulative pass percentage was required a student could get 3 out of 4 of all the quests right and pass at 75%.

One of the many support questions:

Going to be honest, without this it really does feel as though I have wasted any money spent as a member so far.

Thanks in advance