CoursePress Pro - adding more question types

We would like to have two different question types, and I believe it is not a big deal for WMPU developers to develop something like that.

First type is sorting, there is one on the most used question types, just dragable fields of text, user can easily sort answers or place words in right order.

Second type we would love to have is fill-form, so you can fill text in blank spaces between two words. We would like to use that in one sentence, but also in large text, so we need to have more than one blank space in one quiz question.

Second feature I would suggest would be nice to have is explanation of the questions.
User easily fills the blank spaces, when he hits review the questions, this shows up:
== user can see which was good and which wrong, and there is implemented new window below, which can explain why the answer was wrong. We would like to have text explanations but also we would like to integrate explanations, where there is an mp3 file to play.

Thanks for any responses, if necessary, we can provide more in-depth look