Coursepress Pro and Membership: Access levels not working


In the site I'm developing, I'm using the plugins- Coursepress Pro and Membership. I have a specific member with access level Franchisee.

As the admin I set up the the positive values of the Franchisee access level which is only to see Coursepress Pro and Membership side menu items in his dashboard.

Now when I am logged-in as the Admin, I chose "View as Franchisee" option. I see that the positive rule was applied in that state. However, when I log out my admin and log in as the Franchisee, I cannot see anything in the dashboard side menu.

Hope to have some help.


  • Patrick

    Hi there @Niccolo

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    The reason the logged-in user cannot access those admin menu items is likely because they do not have the corresponding WordPress capabilities to access them.

    The Membership plugin cannot automatically grant capabilities to a WordPress role that does not have those capabilities by default.

    However, if your franchisees are also CoursePress Instructors, you can give them the required capabilities to access the CoursePress areas under CoursePress Pro > Settings > Instructor Capabilities.

    As for accessing the Membership menu items and their settings, you would need to grant those capabilities manually to each user (see screenshots)

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