Coursepress Pro and WooCommerce not syncing well

I’m using coursepress pro and trying to use the woocommerce plugin with it. I found a get-response email autoresponder plugin to work with woocommerce and couldn’t find one for marketpress so that’s why I’ve decided to switch.

However, if I have chosen that I DON”T want to redirect woocommerce product posts to a parent course post, then the enroll now button through a course page goes to an empty cart without adding the course to the cart. When I have it checked on then clicking on the woocommerce “shop” in the menu goes to the first course I created, but the enroll now button goes to a cart with the course in it.

I want to be able to sell other digital products, while being able to capture email leads into an autoresponder campaign, so I still need the woocommerce shop to be accessible. As far as I know, there’s no way currently to integrate Marketpress with an e-mail autoresponder service such as aweber, mailchimp, or getresponse, so that when they sign up for the course they can receive automatic e-mails from a campaign I created if they choose to select it during purchase. Help? Thank you.