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So I read through the available CoursePress documentation (Link) and couldn't find any real indication of the answer to my question so I'm asking it here.

For some reason (perhaps intentional but not explained by the documentation), things like "Minimum Grade Required" and "Limit Attempts" on my CoursePress site are attached to the specific question modules that are added to unit pages instead of being assigned at a unit/page level for all of the questions present in that module.

This is counter-intuitive as something like a single choice question only has a right or wrong answer, there is no such thing as a 75% answer for a single-choice question.

With that said, what I need to know/figure out is how to do something like give my students two chances (limit attempts: 2) to take a test and require a minimum score of 75% to pass and move on to the next module.

This would seem particularly grueling if I have to set those variables on every single question on an assessment and the questions begin to number in the 10-20+ range. So, long story short, I'm not sure if it was for some reason a design decision or a bug, but I can only set retry attempts and minimum required grade on specific questions and not on the unit/page as a whole. Please help!

  • Jude
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    Hi there Adam

    Hope you are keeping well !

    I took a look at the design and at this point I can say I feel it was done intentionally by design. Possibly to not have ALL questions in a unit mandatory. I do get the pain point you've bought up here. Thanks !

    That said I can mark a feature request on having this at a unit level and we can consider it depending on how many other members request something similar, let me know if you're interested.


  • Adam
    • Flash Drive


    Thanks and I most certainly would make it a page/unit-level feature request because to my mind it is how most people would structure a "quiz" or "test".

    I understand that there can also be "practice" questions that occur in the course, however, those pages can uncheck the "User must answer all mandatory questions".

    However, an individual question (such as a single choice) does not have a "Passing Percentage" such as 75%, it's either all on or all off. When I created a demo quiz with a combination of single and multiple choice questions and set all of their "minimum" grade requirements to 70% I was unable to proceed to the next unit event after completing the quiz (all mandatory questions were answered) and getting 3/10 wrong on purpose (so I would score a 70% overall).

    It seems like the "minimum passing grade" level being set on a question means that I have to get a 70% on that particular question rather than on the test as a whole in order to proceed.

    Note that I did not have "User also needs to pass all mandatory assessments" checked but was still unable to continue on to the next unit in the course because I did not have a 100% on the quiz.

  • CrystalAbco
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    I am in need of this feature as well. Basically the only way i am getting around my students being able to move on is to allow multiple attempts so they can go back and choose the right answer. or set the passing grade to 0%. I would prefer to be able to have a cumulative grade and allow students to move on after answering 75% of all questions correct. This will also give me a better idea of which questions my students are getting wrong.

  • 247web
    • Recruit

    I have been asking for this feature since November 2014 and besides one response, nothing has happened. Also about CoursePress Accumulative Assessment quiz feature.

    Having to point my many training clients to other plugins like Sensei and even a LMS theme (not ideal).

    Such pity - its a great plugin but what is the use of a course that you cannot grade properly?

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