CoursePress Pro Assessment Sorting

Good Afternoon,

I have a website for users to take courses in the medical field and I am using CoursePress Pro for the continuing education portion of our website. I have noticed that grading the courses in the Assessment section can be tricky.

Right now we have a course that has over 1500 students and is paginated with 64 pages. I believe that the Assessment section has the students in order of when they registered for the course, but the problem is not all the students decide to take the course when they enroll. Now I have to have someone go through all the pages just to find the user that decided they finally wanted to answer the questions. I know that you have a button that only shows unanswered questions, but you still have to go through each page to find where that user is.

Is there any way to have the students be ordered by the last active date? That way we could have the users who filled out the questions show up on the first couple of pages. Or a neat feature would be if you click the button to only show unanswered questions, only the users who still need to be graded would be shown and the other graded users would be completely removed. Kind of like a filter effect that you would see in an excel table.

Is there any way I can make this a little more user friendly in the mean time?
Thanks for your help.