CoursePress Pro Blank Popup on Enrollment

Hi, I searched and saw another member having a similar issue, but it did not mention a resolution. I have setup a course, enabled a payment gateway, and turned on subscriber signups in Wordpress. When I click Enroll while logged out, I get the signup popup just fine - and it does in fact create a Wordpress user account, however after submitting the signup, the popup goes blank. If I dismiss the blank popup, the new user is now logged in, and clicking the Enroll button provides the same blank popup. My guess was that the popup is trying to move to the payment step for the user, and MarketPress is installed and configured, however it's just blank.

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello David,

    Can you try this: go to course, edit it - change from paid to non-paid, save and then switch again to paid.
    If this not helps, please enable support access so I could take a look. You can grant support access via WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access.

    kind regards,

  • David
    • Flash Drive

    I changed the course from paid to free, logged out, and retried the entire process. The free enrollment worked perfectly. Once I changed back to a paid course, the problem returned. So I'm guessing the problem lies in the exchange between CoursePress and MarketPress.

    I did notice however that the MarketPress shopping cart label that is usually in the top-right of the screen had one item in it, and the name of the item was not the same as the current course name. I did create it as "6 Week Course" and changed it to a longer, more accurate name. Maybe the naming between the MarketPress "product" and the CoursePress "course" is causing a conflict?

    I enabled support access, and I really do appreciate anything you can do to point me in the right direction.

  • David
    • Flash Drive

    SOLVED! It seems I did not go completely through the MarketPress setup process and create the pages necessary for products, cart, checkout, etc. I must have chosen to do that manually before, which burned me during the Enrollment process - since the plugin had nowhere to go. I suppose an error message would have helped, but tracking the logic to see that Free worked and Paid did not helped to see it was most likely a problem in the MarketPress installation.

    Thanks, I'll marked this closed and hopefully anyone that runs into the same trouble will see this solution and it will help.

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