Coursepress pro cant log in with custom log in and line break css issue


I have a couple questions and issues with this plug in.

Firstly all was working fine then the custom log in page that I set up stopped working. Iv manually added students. I tried shutting off all plug ins. I haven't been able to figure out what started this issue. Here is the log in page use password infinitecreate256!

Also Iv been trying to pin down code for the log in to change the css so the input fields are aligned properly. I customized the css for the student form but it also changes the settings form to be stacked. I tried a lot of little tweaks here but Id prefer the log in fields to be aligned next to each other.

I already have a course running so there isnt much tweaking I can do but for me to continue with the plug in I do need to figure out what is going on with the log in and why it stpoped working when I have not changed anything.

Thank you!